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My Projects



Welcome to Time Blast, a free & fun Match-3 game!

Join the Timesmith family in exciting levels and new episodes.

Blast colorful cubes and use powerful boosters to progress through challenging levels without Wi-Fi.

Prepare for the adventure and travel to the stone age and the wild west, as you unlock new episodes!

With its cartoony and colorful art style, Time Blast offers a unique gaming experience that is both fun and cute!


M.Sc. Senior Project

Realm of the Arcane Reckoning is an action-adventure roguelike created with Unity 3D and C#, featuring procedurally generated levels, automated combat systems, and strategic challenges, designed for PC and later adapted for mobile.


Unreal Engine Project

Monky Tonky is an isometric RPG developed with Unreal Engine, emphasizing dynamic close combat, featuring multiple levels, waves of enemies, and challenging boss encounters.


GGJ 2020

Bard’s Son is an immersive RPG blending decision-making with tabletop RPG mechanics, utilizing

20-sided dice for gameplay outcomes.



GGJ 2019

Keeper of the Grove is an RPG inspired by a home-based Dungeons and Dragons campaign, developed with Unity, centered around maintaining balance between nature and human society.



GGJ 2018

Dance of Legacies is a competitive Unity-based game focusing on cultural preservation and dissemination, where players compete to spread their culture to a larger audience than their opponents.




Flashball: Glow Out is a 2.5D side-scrolling hyper-casual game where players navigate infinite levels by breaking obstacles, avoiding enemies, and strategically halting movement to reach checkpoints in time.




Seaside Idle is an engaging idle game where players manage a bustling beach, placing and upgrading attractions to lure customers and generate revenue, similar to Kolibri Games and Codigames in mechanics.




B.Sc. Senior Project

This project’s aim is to bring people together who carries similar musical taste and want to have fun by sharing videos that they might record or create by combining other people’s sharing’s. WeCover is meant to be an entertaining social media application with unique video recording and sharing abilities to make the users have fun, socialize and express their feelings with music. The core feature of this application is its ease of content creation and sharing them, which users can use its all capabilities to make music and have fun doing it. Project was created on Android Studio, written in Java. More information can be found at:


Community RTS Engine

Unity Project

Collaborated on developing a versatile RTS engine to support various subgenres, leveraging shared foundational elements across platforms. The core engine includes graphical assets, animations, movement and interaction mechanics, static maps, and a cohesive aesthetic. Using this robust framework, we created three distinct RTS games: Commander, Kingdom Builder, and Spells and Battlefields.



Left for F

Java Project

Developed a turn-based RPG simulating the academic journey of graduating from Bilkent University's Computer Science department. Players face challenges like homework, assignments, projects, and professor interactions, aiming to graduate without failing grades. Created entirely in Java without using game engines, this project showcases proficiency in Java programming and innovative problem-solving in game development.



Ywon & Elward

Java Project

Ywon & Elward is an Adventure-Survival RPG game where Ywon is trying to save Elward from Niflheim who was sent there for his cowardness in battle. Being profoundly in love wıth Elward, Ywon decides to undergo a dangerous and life-threatening odyssey in order to save him from Niflheim.

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