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About Me

With 7 years of experience in the gaming industry, I have gained valuable insights through internships at Taleworlds Entertainment and Creasaur Entertainment, as well as through my role as a game developer at Alictus. Additionally, I have completed numerous personal and senior school projects.

I emphasize clean, maintainable code and robust architectural frameworks that enhance both development efficiency and game performance. This approach ensures that my projects are scalable, adaptable, and optimized for future growth.
Now I'm using this knowledge to create fun and everlasting experiences at Playabit.



Hacettepe University

M.Sc. Computer Animation and Game Technologies Non-Thesis (GPA: 3.75/4.00)


Bilkent University

B.Sc. Computer Engineering


  • Professionally experienced in Unity and C#, with additional experience in Unreal Engine and C++

  • Skilled in writing custom scripts for game mechanics and editor tools

  • Knowledgeable in creating AI behavior for NPCs, including pathfinding, decision-making, and state machines

  • Proficient in game optimization techniques, including memory management, frame rate improvement, and reducing load times

  • Strong understanding of game design principles, mechanics, and player psychology

  • Proficient in designing user interfaces and enhancing user experience within games

  • Skilled in rapid prototyping to test and iterate game ideas quickly

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