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Keyboard and Mouse


Achievements and Experience


2019 – 2022

As a game developer at Alictus, I have worked on the following titles as both gameplay developer and systems developer;


  • Theme Park Fun 3D!

  • Candy Challenge 3D

  • Dodge The Ball 3D

  • Boss Life 3D

  • Affairs 3D: Silly Secrets

  • ASMR Studio 3D

  • Rob Master 3D

  • Extra Hot Chili 3D

  • Deep Clean Inc. 3D

  • Oh God!

  • Perfect Farm

  • Tap Runner 3D

  • Hyper Typer 3D

  • Summer Buster

  • Money Buster!

  • Fix The Item

  • Brick Merge 3D

Creasaur Entertainment


In this internship, I worked in a group of 5 people, 1 graphical designer, 1 level designer and 3 developers. Using Unity as our game engine, we worked on a couple of mobile hyper-casual game prototypes. After selecting one we completed it in 1 month. Named “Flashball: Glow Out” went to user experience test in USA, England and Canada mobile app stores. Then we moved on to a mobile idle game which we worked on until the end of the internship. Project was already designed by the company’s game designers. We implemented the game’s mechanics as much as we can before finishing our internship.

TaleWorlds Entertainment

2017 - 2018

In summer, me and a group 4 interns worked on an already started mobile game project. We mostly fixed bugs and added a couple of features. Before the semester started, I asked and accepted to continue my internship. Since then, I added more features, worked on the GUI and the UI of the same project by myself.

At the start of my second year, I have been accepted to the campaign team of the Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. My given objectives were mostly fixing small bugs related to quests and conversations. Later on, I refactored some of the hotkeys of the game and helped the team to get the game ready for Gamescom 2018.

Global Game Jam Games

  • 2020: Bard’s Son


Bard’s Son is a game that I tried to implement the elements of a RPG with decision making and the luck factor from a tabletop RPG. This game tells a story about a half-elf, Alcraes. Game uses tabletop FRP mechanics, meaning it rolls 20 sided dice to determine the gameplay or scenario outcomes. After his village burned down and his father's sword broken, he goes on an epic journey to fix the sword and maybe to improve his personality.

  • 2019: Keeper of the Grove


Keeper of the Grove is a game that we tried to implement the elements of a RPG. Me and my friends were running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign at home and for this year’s theme "What home means to you", we were inspired from our game and decided to make a story for a druid. Player’s objective is to keep the balance between the nature and the human’s society. Project was created by using Unity. More information can be found at:

  • 2018: Dance of Legacies


Dance of Legacies is a game that we tried to implement the elements of a competitive game. This year’s theme "Transmission" gave us the idea of passing cultures to one another and we decided to make a competitive game where player’s objective is to pass their culture to more people than the competitor and save their culture from extinction. Project was created by using Unity. More information can be found at:

Rest of my projects can be found in my CV.

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